Steinway plate"For more than ten years I have been privileged to collaborate with Ken Hannah on numerous piano restoration and service related projects. My experience with Ken and his colleagues, has proven time and again that the combined experience, commitment to quality and ability to deliver and meet my expectations, has certainly earned my respect and admiration. I would recommend Ken and his workmanship to all good people that value honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic."

Kevin Stock
Director of Piano Technology
Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles
Chief Piano Technician, Aspen Music Festival & School
Former Concert Technician and Instructor of
Technical Training and Education
Steinway & Sons, New York, NY

"When searching for a high quality piano, I concluded that there are three ways to obtain a fine instrument. Purchase a new one, purchase a used one, or have an older instrument rebuilt."

"Buying a new piano had the advantage of instant gratification; however this first choice was clearly the most expensive. Used pianos are often cheaper, assuming the instrument was priced fairly. But some used instruments require further repair."

"In pursuit of an older instrument to have rebuilt, I talked with many dealers and rebuilders around the country. It became clear that this option would take 6-12 months. However, it allowed the opportunity of putting entirely new mechanics and possibly a new soundboard into an older instrument. The economics of this choice were compelling. After further due diligence, I came to the conclusion that one of the best rebuilders in the country was Ken Hannah."

"Ken and I located a 1884 rosewood Steinway C, had it shipped from Phoenix, and Ken spent the next six months turning it into exactly the piano I wanted. I stopped by Ken's shop in Stillwater about once a month to watch the progress. It was great fun. From start to finish, the project took about one year."

"There was trust required in selecting this choice, but my well-placed trust in Ken was completely rewarded. In fact, I enjoyed the process so much that Ken and I have purchased about eight instruments over the last 10 years for rebuilding and reselling. Every one of these instruments has turned out beautifully and has found an excellent, appreciative owner."

John Wilcox
Clarinetist and collector of Chamber Music
Edina, Minnesota

Open grand"Jen and I have had two beautiful Steinway pianos restored by Ken Hannah. He dramatically improved both pianos in sound and appearance. I wanted a brighter sound in our 1918 'O' model which was inherited from my mother-in-law and Ken suggested Hamburg hammers. Perfect!! Delivery estimates were always met. Thanks again, Ken!"

Michael Antonello

"Ken did a great job restoring my mother's 6'7" Bosendorfer piano that she bought in Vienna in 1975. It was a thrill to hear my mother play it when it was finished as it never sounded better. Not only is Ken a fine craftsman, but he is ultimately concerned with the beauty of the sound of the instrument. Plus, he's very easy to work with."

Claire Givens
Claire Givens Violins, Inc.
1004 Marquette Avenue, Suite 205
Minneapolis, MN 55403

MacPhail Dedication"As the chair of a committee to restore a 35 year-old Steinway B, belonging to the Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum, I am now speaking on behalf of our 100+ member organization of teachers and the hundreds of students using the piano that Mr Hannah 'brought back to life'! The goal of our sixty year-old organization is to raise the standards of music teaching and student performances in the Twin Cities. Our Steinway was donated for our student recital program. Mr Hannah understood the challenge of making our Steinway 'user-friendly' so that students of all ages who sit down with limited exposure to the instrument can easily adapt to its touch and quickly coax it into making music! Without a doubt, Ken understands the piano, from the performance, design and craft - he is a master artisan and moreover a human being with great integrity! Mr Hannah is one of the most valuable assets available to the Twin Cities piano community!"

Mary Beth Millner
MMTF Recital Chair
This restored instrument is used for recitals at the new MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.

"As someone who uses a piano daily, hourly - I recommend Ken Hannah and his colleagues with highest praise. His work is excellent, timely and always goes beyond expectations. My Steinway piano, rebuilt by Ken, is something I delight in every day; it is over 120 years old and many say it plays like none other."

Carol Carver
Worship and Music Director- Trinity Lutheran Church
Artistic Director- Valley Chamber Chorale

"In a time when artisans are being replaced by factory robots and outsourced laborers, 'old world' values and craftsmanship can still be found in rare individuals. One such artist, piano rebuilder Ken Hannah, seems to live in balance between two worlds, both honoring the tradition of quality handiworkmanship, yet embracing new tools and techniques that make both historic and recent model instruments play and sound better than one could imagine possible."

"Ken has both rebuilt and serviced several pianos for our church, often taking the initiative to recommend improvements based upon his regular attention to the pianos. He takes pride in the instruments he maintains, and is quick to respond to a request for tuning or action adjustments in order to make the music from these pianos as beautiful as possible."

"Thank you, Ken, for your artistry which enhances the art of every person who plays our pianos."

Phil Kadidlo
Jazz Musician
Director of Worship and Music
Trinity Lutheran Church
Stillwater, MN

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